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Impinj Inc - PI

Realtime Prices, Sentiment, Tweets, Scuttles, News and discussions on Impinj Inc. Impinj, Inc. is a United States-based provider of referral and information network (RAIN) radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions that provide Item Intelligence in retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage, and manufacturing and supply chain logistics. The Company offers a platform, Impinj that uses RAIN RFID, wirelessly connecting and networking everyday items, including inventory and assets, to software applications, such as enterprise resource planning systems and management systems. The Company offers products under various categories, such as Indy Reader Chips/system in packages (SiPs), including Indy RS2000 RFID Reader SiP and Indy R500 RAIN RFID Reader Chip; The Monza Tag Chip Family, including Monza R6-P RFID Tag Chips and Monza S6-C RFID Tag Chip; Readers, including Speedway RAIN RFID Readers and xPortal RFID Reader System; Gateways, including xArray Gateway and xSpan RAIN RFID Gateway; Software, including ItemSense Software and ItemEncode Software.
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