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Cash Flow Statement

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Report Date:Report Type:Fiscal Quarter: Cash At Beginning Of Period:

Cash From Operating Activities

Depreciation Expenses:
Amortization Expenses:
Amortization Of Intangibles Expenses:
Extraordinary Gains/Losses:
Deferred Income Taxes:
Increase/Decrease In Receivables:
Increase/Decrease In Inventories:
Increase/Decrease In PrepaidExpenses:
Increase/Decrease In Other CurrentAssets:
Increase/Decrease In Payables:
Increase/Decrease In Other Current Liabilities:
Increase/Decrease In Other Working Capital:
Other Non-Cash Items:
Net Cash From Continuing Operations:
Net Cash From Discontinued Operations:
Net Cash From Operating Activities:

Cash From Investing Activities

Sale Of Property Plant & Equipment:
Sale Of Long Term Investments:
Sale Of Short Term Investments:
Purchase of Property Plant & Equipment:
Purchase Of Long Term Investments:
Purchase Of Short Term Investments:
Other Investing Changes Net:
Cash From Discontinued Investing Activities:
Net Cash From Investing Activities:

Cash From Financing Activities

Issuance of Debt:
Issuance of Capital Stock:
Repayment of Debt:
Repurchase of Capital Stock:
Payment of Cash Dividends:
Net Other Financing Charges:
Cash From Discontinued Financing Activities:
Net Cash From Financing Activities:

Net Change in Cash & Cash Equivalents:
Cash At End Of Period: