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Balance Sheet

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Report Date:Report Type:Fiscal Quarter:

Current Assets

Cash & Equivalents:
Restricted Cash:
Marketable Securities:
Accounts Receivable:
Loans Receivable:
Other Receivable:
Raw Materials:
Work In Progress:
Purchased Components:
Finished Goods:
Other Inventories:
Inventories Adjustments & Allowances:
Prepaid Expenses:
Current Deferred Income Taxes:
Other Current Assets:
Total Current Assets:

Non-Current Assets

Land & Improvements:
Building & Improvements:
Machinery, Furniture & Equipment:
Construction In Progress:
Other Fixed Assets:
Total Fixed Assets:
Gross Fixed Assets:
Accumulated Depreciation & Depletion:
Net Fixed Assets:
Cost In Excess:
Non Current Deferred Income Taxes:
Total Non Current Assets:

Total Assets:

Current Liabilities

Accounts Payable:
Notes Payable:
Short Term Debt:
Accrued Expenses:
Accrued Liabilities:
Deferred Revenues:
Current Deferred Income Tax Liabilities:
Other Current Liabilities:
Total Current Liabilities:

Non-Current Liabilities

Long Term Debt:
Capital Lease Obligations:
Deferred Income Tax Liabilities:
Other Non Current Liabilities:
Minority Interest Liabilities:
Preferred Securities Of Subsidiary Trust Liabilities:
Preferred Equity Outside Stock Equity:
Total Non-Current Liabilities:

Total Liabilities:

Stockholders' Equity

Preferred Stock Equity:
Common Stock Equity:
Common Par:
Additional Paid In Capital:
Cumulative Translation Adjustment:
Retained Earnings:
Treasury Stock:
Other Equity Adjustments:
Total Capitalization:
Total Equity:
Total Liabilities & Stock Equity:
Cash Flow:
Working Capital:
Free Cash Flow:
Invested Capital: