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Whipping Cream Powder Market Poised for Remarkable Growth, Set to Reach USD 1.7 Billion by 2030

The global whipping cream powder market is slated to witness a substantial growth, expanding at a notable pace of 8% from 2023 to 2030. By the culmination of 2030, the market is projected to accrue revenues worth USD 1.7 billion, marking a significant milestone in the industry's landscape.

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 Market Highlights

The industry encapsulates the production, distribution, and consumption of whipping cream powder—a dairy or non-dairy based product that, when combined with water, embodies a texture akin to freshly whipped cream. An indispensable entity in the bakery and confectionery sectors, this powder is instrumental in crafting cakes, pastries, and an array of desserts.

Key Findings

  • Dominant Sectors: While the demand for non-dairy based products showcases a rapid growth, dairy sources maintain a firm ground in the market. In 2022, the bakery and confectionery segment registered the highest revenue share, a testimony to the product's ubiquity in the industry.
  • Geographical Insights: Europe stands as a significant market leader, a position fortified by its rich culinary traditions and a robust dairy industry. Concurrently, the Asia Pacific region is on a trajectory to witness the strongest growth by 2030, driven by changing consumer preferences and a burgeoning middle-class demographic.

Driving Forces

  • Convenience Foods: The frantic pace of modern lifestyles necessitates convenience foods. Whipping cream powder perfectly aligns with this trend, offering an easy-to-use alternative to liquid whipping cream, thus finding resonance with the consumer base.
  • Plant-Based Alternatives: Steering towards plant-based foods is more than a trend; it’s a conscious choice for many. The market is adapting to this shift, introducing plant-based alternatives that cater to a broader consumer base, focusing on health, sustainability, and ethical consumption.


Despite the promising growth, the market faces challenges, primarily stemming from health concerns associated with the product, including potential adverse effects on lactose intolerant individuals and those seeking low-fat, low-calorie alternatives.

Market Landscape

The market landscape is becoming increasingly competitive with industry giants like Kraft Heinz, Wilton Brands LLC, and Dr. Oetker spearheading innovations and offerings in the space. The focus remains on delivering products that not only cater to a diverse palette but also address growing health concerns, striking a perfect balance between taste and well-being.


With a clear trajectory towards innovation and inclusivity, the global whipping cream powder market is poised for significant expansion, catering to a myriad of tastes and preferences. While the market navigates through challenges, its growth potential remains undeterred, set on a path to carve a substantial niche in the global culinary landscape.

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