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Billion-Dollar Milestone on the Horizon for the Global Star Anise Market

The global star anise market is on a remarkable growth trajectory, projected to exhibit a healthy CAGR of 5% between 2023 and 2030. Experts anticipate the market size to escalate to a billion-dollar benchmark by the end of 2030, fuelled by rising consumer interest in herbal goods including teas, dietary supplements, and herbal medicines.

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About Star Anise

Historically rooted in China and Vietnam, the star anise has positioned itself as a culinary cornerstone in diverse cuisines, especially Asian and Indian. This star-shaped spice not only adds a potent and sweet licorice-like flavour to various dishes but also carries promising health benefits, including aiding digestion and respiratory health.

Market Dynamics

The surge in demand for star anise is partly due to its application in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, leveraging its potential therapeutic benefits. Star anise's bioactive components find a pivotal place in herbal supplements and conventional medicines, apart from being an essential ingredient in cosmetic and fragrance products.

Key Findings

The recent market analysis sheds light on pivotal developments and projections, indicating a doubling of the star anise market size within the 2023-2030 forecast period. The spice industry continues to hold the lion's share of the market, a trend largely observed in 2022. Furthermore, while the Asia Pacific region retains its dominant stance, North America showcases robust potential, predicted to witness remarkable growth by 2030.

Growth Drivers

Increasing Culinary Applications The spice is carving out a significant place in households globally, despite being historically limited to distinctive flavour profiles of specific cuisines.

Expansion in Food and Beverage Sector A notable trend is the incorporation of star anise in herbal teas and alcoholic beverages, signaling broadening horizons for its applications.

Anti-inflammatory Benefits Emerging research highlighting the spice's properties in reducing inflammation is further propelling its adoption in various health and wellness products.

Challenges Ahead

While the future seems promising, the star anise market faces challenges in the form of widespread counterfeiting, a problem exacerbated by the spice's scarcity. To secure sustained growth, it becomes imperative to curb fraudulent practices and uphold the authentic quality of star anise products.

Segment Insights

Organic Star Anise on the Rise Consumer preference is notably tilting towards organic star anise, driven by increasing awareness of its nutritional advantages and supported by governmental initiatives promoting organic farming.

Retail and E-commerce - The Preferred Distribution Channels Retail giants and e-commerce platforms are emerging as popular channels, offering a wide range of star anise products to consumers globally, tapping into the expanding market base.

Regional Insights

Asia-Pacific Continues to Lead With a rich history of utilizing star anise in culinary practices, the Asia-Pacific region, spearheaded by China, continues to dominate the market landscape.

North America – A Rising Star North America emerges as a strong contender, poised to experience the fastest growth, spurred by the rising popularity of Asian and Indian cuisines.

Competitive Landscape

The market witnesses keen participation from leading players including BTL Herbs & Spices, VLC Spices, Kore International, among others, focusing on meeting the growing demand with a commitment to quality and innovation.


As the star anise market strides towards a future rife with opportunities, it stands as an invitation for stakeholders and consumers to engage in a trajectory marked with growth, innovation, and an enriched palette of flavors and health benefits.

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