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Bar Bending Machine : Price, Sale, 32 MM, 40 MM Manufacturer from Ahmedabad |

Did you know that your work can become easier and more precise using a tool? After all, what are machines for! We at Sun Industries are dedicated to manufacturer tools for you to increase your productivity. And one such tool we manufacture is an Automatic Bar Bending Machines. Let us have a quick look at its features.


A bar bending machine is a bar processing machine used in construction that can bend bars of a specific diameter into various arcs ranging from 0 to 180 degrees. It is often chosen over manual instruments because of its precision and the fact that it requires less skill to operate.

It not only takes less time than the previous approach, but it also requires less labour, resulting in a higher capacity of output. This is a mobile, completely automatic and durable tool that is more efficient than standard manual bar bending machines.


Electric motor, coupler, round plate, worm gear drive, and elongated shaft make up a bar bending machine.  The power from the electric motor is transferred to the gearbox, which reduces the speed and increases the torque. With the help of a circular plate, it is therefore possible to bend a bar.

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1. Shaft: Significantly more wear and tear resistant than standard shafts owing to efficient quenching and stiffening.

2. Main shaft: Sophisticated engineering and a control design ensure that the shaft never leaps vertically or horizontally during operation.

3. Belt pulley: By modifying the motor and belt pulley settings, different diameter rebars can be bent at varying speeds.

4. We use high-precision manufacturing technique and high-rigid metal in the process of manufacturing which makes the machine more durable.


We manufacture two types of bar bending machines:

  1. TMT Bar Bending Machine Upto 40mm: This allows a rebar bending diameter between 6mm to 40mm and has a plate diameter of about 445mm. The bending speed of this machine is as high as 10-20 rotation per minute as it has a motor of 5HP 3 Phase Break Motor with a 3KW power, using 315 volt of voltage. The rotation per minute of the motor is 1440 which makes it extremely time-efficient and finally this weighs upto 418 kg which makes it mobile.
  • TMT Bar Bending Machine Upto 32mm;  This allows a rebar bending diameter between 6mm to 32mm and has a plate diameter of 360mm and bends bars at the speed of 10-20 rotation per minute. The motor used in this machine is a 5HP 3 Phase Break Motor which has a power of 3KW and requires a voltage of 315V. This motor allows for 1440 rotations per minute, which makes this 415 kg machine more effective to function.

The main advantages are that it takes much less time, produces identical stirrups, and has a greater rate of production than that of the previous conventional method. Order one for your construction work, today!

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