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Credit Card Comparison of 2019's Top Cards: Which Is the Best Option?

62% of Americans believe the USA will be cashless within their lifetime and the credit card industry is offering more choice than ever in response.

And yet, 3 in 10 cardholders never redeem their rewards. Credit card debt is rising. How can you avoid being on the wrong side of those numbers?

Choosing the right card can make all the difference.

Do you want to know how to stack rewards for the best value for money?

What about a generous sign-up bonus and 24/7 fraud prevention? Or perhaps you're a student who wants your good grades rewarded with credit?

Don't get gypped with a bad credit card deal. Check out this credit card comparison for 2019’s top options and find the perfect card for you.

1. The Best Credit Card for Everyday Expenses

If you’re looking for an all-rounder, Chase credit cards offer some great options.

Chase Freedom Unlimited is excellent for people with a credit score above 680.

Benefits include:

  • Major savings with no transaction fee or penalty by moving points between different Chase reward cards
  • Works at most retailers
  • Cashback rewards don’t expire as long as you have an active account

You have to pay fees for foreign transactions and balance transfers with this card. However, there’s no minimum cashback amount and since it’s accepted in most places it’s one of the most versatile cards around.

If you’re looking for an everyday card and have excellent credit, you have some fantastic options, including the Capital One Quicksilver and American Express Cash Magnet. Compare credit cards for people with excellent credit to get the very best deal.

2. Credit Card Comparison for Frequent Travellers

The Wells Fargo Propel American Express card is full of benefits for regular travelers, including:

  • Triple points for gas stations, Uber, Lyft, eating out or ordering in
  • Triple points for flights, hotels, and Airbnb
  • 30,000 points if you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months
  • No foreign transaction fees or annual fee

Another to consider is the Bank Of America Travel Card. If you don't want to be locked into certain choices, like where and when to stay, this might be the card for you.

Other pros include:

  • Chip technology for enhanced security at the terminal
  • $250 worth of online bonus points if you spend at least $1000 in the first 90 days

3. Best Credit Card for Businesses

The Chase Ink Business Cash card is our top pick for businesses.

Advantages include:

  • Great rates of cashback in easy to spend categories (e.g. telecoms, office supplies)
  • Lots of ways to redeem rewards, including direct deposit to your bank, put it towards your credit statement or book travel on the Chase Travel Portal
  • No annual fee

Whilst it's less useful for businesses that don't spend a lot in the big cashback areas, an introductory 0% APR makes it good for new businesses with unpredictable cash flow.

If your business is in the first category, there are still some excellent choices available. Take a little time to understand what to look for in a business rewards card before making your selection.

4. Best Credit Card for Students

If you're a student, there are some great credit cards built for your needs. The Discover It Student Cashback card is a great first credit card for college students.

It offers:

  • Free social security number alerts to help you avoid suspicious websites
  • Good Grades Rewards that will reward you with a $20 credit bonus if your grade is a 3.0 or higher
  • No APR raise for late payments and no fees for your first late payment

Getting That Card in Your Pocket

So once you've read this credit card comparison and made your decision, where do you go from here?

It’s time to apply! Before you take the plunge, check out this guide to getting the most from your credit card and you’ll soon be enjoying those rewards.

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