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7 Things to Look for When Choosing a VPN Service Provider

Looking to get a VPN? It’s a smart decision these days, considering the huge privacy implications of using the internet. However, the market for VPN services is very saturated at this point, calling for a cautious approach when looking for the right service to subscribe to. As with any other bigger purchase, you should take the time to carefully compare the deals available on the market before settling on anything specific.


It can be hard to find stats about this aspect of a VPN provider, but if you can, check out how frequently their service goes down and what their guarantees are. Every reputable VPN provider should be able to give you a good level of reassurance about the uptime and availability of their service. The best ones will even compensate you in cases of severe outages.

Exit Points

More often than not, you’re using a VPN because you need to conceal your actual location online, or because you want to appear as if you’re in a different country. If that’s your primary motivation for signing up, pay attention to what the company has to say about their available exit points. Some services may allow you to spend extra money on a wider variety of nodes, which may not be a bad deal.


If you need a VPN for a more specialized application, like gaming or streaming, you may want to pay attention to how fast it runs. Some VPNs have strict limits on their connection speeds to mitigate abuse and to make things fair for all of their users. However, some companies are also able to provide you with a reliable, high-speed connection that’s guaranteed to maintain a particular transfer rate.

Customer Reviews

This might sound like an obvious one, but a surprisingly large percentage of people tend to pay no attention to customer reviews when considering the VPN service they want to use. A glance at what people have to say about their experience with the company is often enough to reveal any issues that you may want to be aware of. And it’s quite hard to hide issues with your service in the current state of the internet. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for, let’s say, a NordVPN review or a general comparison of several services – some sites cover these points in extreme detail.

Company History

On the same note, do a little research into the company itself and see what you can find out about their track record. Every good VPN provider should have a clean service history, preferably with a long presence on the market. Try to find out if they’ve operated under different names in the past, as this is often a red flag that they might be trying to get away from issues that they’ve had previously. Public records can make this very easy to verify, so do a little snooping around and see what you can find if you are planning to use this service for a long time.

Attitude to Privacy

A major point for consideration is how much attention the company pays to your privacy, and how they treat your information at every step of the process. From signing up to using the VPN, you should know what’s going on with your private details at every step of the way. Also, you should be able to request additional clarification on the matter in case you have any questions.


Last but not least, don’t just jump on the first offer you come across. There is a vast variety of VPN providers on the market at the moment, and you should take the time to do plenty of research before settling on one. With so many variables to consider, it doesn’t make sense to rush this decision if you’ll be using your VPN for a long time in the future. And when you have such easy access to all the relevant information you may need, there are no excuses for failing to inform yourself properly.

These points should get you on the right track relatively fast, and even though there are multiple other factors that you’ll also want to consider, this should be enough for a start. Make sure you pay attention to any developments around the VPN scene and subscribe to a few websites that cover it on a regular basis. It’s a popular field, so you should have no problem staying informed on any developments happening in it.


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