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How PolarityTE Inc (NASDAQ:COOL) is Advancing Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is one of the hottest and fastest-growing areas of medical science. With the potential to replace, engineer and regrow human tissues, regenerative medicine holds the key to curing many deadly and debilitating conditions, including organ diseases and several types of cancer.The promise of regenerative medicine is almost limitless. Using only a few cells, it may be possible to regenerate virtually every organ and tissue in the human body. But until very recently, the true potential of regenerative medicine has remained untapped, due to the difficulty associated with growing certain tissues.But now, a new breed of life science company may change that.

These companies are developing innovative methods of regenerating tissues using the patient's own cells. The applications are practically unlimited; reconstructive surgery and procedures for degenerative conditions being just some of them.There is one particular company in this space that is making some serious waves. The company has an impressive team, with top medical and business leaders among its managers and directors. This company is researching human-sourced regeneration methods for a wide variety of tissues. And a recent stock purchase by an insider at the company indicates that it may be within striking distance of a major breakthrough.

PolarityTE is a life science company in the regenerative medicine space. The company researches and manufactures functionally polarized tissue. The company is developing products that can regenerate human cells, including skin, soft tissue, cartilage, fat and peripheral nerves. PolarityTE is unique because its products regenerate cells from the patient's own body. This makes them more practical for clinical purposes, as human tissues can be generated from human sources more quickly than from animal sources. Using PolarityTE's products, physicians may be able to extract and regenerate tissues from patients, greatly speeding up the regeneration process.

This shows promise in making regenerative methods more widely available in clinical practice. Naturally, the quicker treatment life cycle promised by PolarityTE's methods could lead to widespread adoption by clinicians. This shows promise for the company's fortunes. It is aggressively pursuing a market strategy for a number of regenerative products, with its first being SkinTE, a product that can fully regenerate human skin.

A Major Share Purchase

Recently, Jeffrey Hansen Dyer, a director at PolarityTe, purchased $89,559 worth of shares in the company, at a price of $10.75. Since then, the company's stock has gained 38% in just a few days.It's worth including a few notes on Mr. Dyer's biography. He is the Horace Beesley professor of strategy at BYU and an adjunct professor at Wharton (the world's #1 business school). He spent five years as a consultant at Bain and Company, one of the world's most prestigious private equity firms. He is the author of several bestselling business strategy books, including the Innovator's DNA and The Innovator's Method. His leading edge research has been featured in publications like Forbes, the Economist, Fortune, BusinessWeek, and the Wall Street Journal. He has been published at least 6 times in both the Harvard Business Review and the Strategic Management Journal, the only scholar in the world to do so.In short, Mr. Dyer is one of the world's foremost business strategy experts.

The fact that such a leading scholar has made a major purchase of PolarityTE shares bodes well for the company. Mr. Dyer is one of the nation's most respected innovation and strategy consultants, having consulted leading companies like Adobe, AT&T, Cisco, J&J, and Microsoft. This prestigious background gives weight and credibility to Mr. Dyer's vote of confidence in PolarityTE in the form of a major stock purchase. And the market seems to agree. When Mr. Dyer purchased his shares in PolarityTE, the company was trading for $10.75. It quickly traded to $14.85 within a few days for a gain of 38%.Only time will tell if PolarityTE's innovative tissue regeneration products will be successful on the market. PolarityTE has a number of risk factors that investors should be aware of, including:

Adoption: It remains to be seen whether PolarityTE's products will be widely adopted by clinicians and used in practice.

Regulations: All of PolarityTE's products and services are regulated and controlled by medical authorities. It remains to be seen whether the company will get approval for all the products in its diverse lineup.

Intellectual property: All of PolarityTE's products are either patented or patent-pending. Issues may arise in getting patents approved for some of the company's products.Nevertheless, PolarityTE remains a dynamic and innovative company in a high-growth industry. The company has a diverse and growing lineup of products with substantial market potential, backed by in-depth research by leading physicians and life science experts. For investors and market commentators in the life science and pharmaceutical space, PolarityTE is definitely one to watch for the long term.

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