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5 Best mobile apps to watch your TV shows and movies on Android device

If you’re one of those who spends a considerable amount of time with your mobile phones or tablets, you must’ve tried several means not to miss out your favourite TV show or movie. While there are several ways where you can pay and get an access, having a free option is always worth it. Mentioned here are some of the best free apps you should definitely have to watch TV shows and movies for free on your Android.


Mobile apps for TV shows

  1. Showbox

Showbox is one of the most talked about free movies and TV app out there. This app is packed with wonderful offerings that allows you to stream movies and shows for free, even on the go. Loaded with amazing movies and TV shows that you’ve always wanted to watch, unfortunately, you need to download an APK version of the app from its official website and install it on your phone. But, very soon it will be made available in the Google Play Store as well.

  1. Terrarium TV App

If you’ve used the above, you’d definitely love this. Unlike other apps, it uses your Google drive account and other cloud based storage to hosts your favorite movies and TV shows. If you love watching foreign productions, you can also find the most appropriate language for it. This is good for people in non-English speaking countries. Just swap from the collection of TV shows and movies and don’t miss out on any Emmy or Oscar recommendations.

  1. Crackle

Another fantastic free app to watch movies and shows for free, Crackle is fun when you just want the app to do all the functioning.  Unlike other apps, it doesn’t uses your device’s memory or your account for accessing the cloud. It also doesn’t have a download option. But, what makes it fun is its huge collection of movies and TV shoes and which are generally of good quality.  It’s impressive user interaction and support makes it a favorite movie and TV app amongst others available at Google Play Store.

  1. Tubi TV

This free movies and TV streaming app has easily fetched 4 out of 5 ratings by several of its users on Google Play Store. The app is also multiple platform friendly app, which allows users to choose from a large collection consisting of more than 400,000 movies and TV titles. The fans of Asian cinema will totally love it, as most of the Korean, Chinese and Japanese TV shows and movies are hard to find on apps.

  1. Viewster

One of Europe’s leading free video streaming services, it provides you with not just with free movies, TV shows, but popular anime series as well. Produced heavily in the Asian entertainment market, the anime has made a prominent mark in Europe’s youth. By chance you like them too, make sure you give this app a shot. The app mainly focuses on categorising a genuine and original content, than mixing and showing the movies and TV shows popular everywhere. So, if you like to view originality than following the herd, this is surely made for you.

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