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Non-Life Coverage with Oriental Insurance

Oriental Insurance is one of the oldest Non-Life Insurance Companies, providing an array of non-Life Insurance policies through its 31 regional offices and 1800+ branch across the country. Long standing and stable, you can insure anything with Oriental Insurance, just with a touch of a button!

An Overview

The Oriental Insurance offers a range of non-life policies that include Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance, Personal and Accident Insurances, Professional Insurance, Business Office/Traders/MultiPerils, Engineering Industry Insurance, Agriculture/Sericulture/Poultry Insurance, Animals/Birds Insurance, Aviation, and Marine Insurance.

  1. Health Insurance

The Company’s Oriental Individual Mediclaim policy provides hospitalization and domiciliary treatment coverage to its policyholders for surgeries, accidents or sudden health problems.

  • The policy can be taken for you  alone, or you could add family members also
  • A Discount of 10% can be availed if a policy is taken for the whole family
  • Maximum age limit for taking this policy is 80 years

You can get a basic idea with the table given below:




Entry Age

1 year

80 years


Rs.5,489/- (for a family of four)

Rs,55,476/-(for a family of four)

Sum Assured

1 lakh

Above 25 lakhs

Policy Term

1 year

Renewable life long


You can choose from other available healthcare policies viz., - Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater, Oriental Insurance Personal Accident Policy, Oriental Insurance Senior Citizen Hope and Oriental Universal Health Scheme.

  1. Motor Insurance

Covers unexpected losses occurred to an Insured automobile.  There are two types offered by Oriental Insurance Company – Private Car Insurance and Two-wheeler Insurance. 

  1. Professional Insurance

This policy covers any the cost of errors or omissions or failure caused by a Professional Insurance policyholder.

  1. Aviation and Marine Insurances

This policy covers goods in transit.  Aviation Insurance covers goods sent through air while goods on seas are covered by Oriental Marine Insurance policy

  1. Shop Keeper Insurance policy

This policy covers risk and perils of small and medium shop holders against fire, housebreaking, business interruption and money loss due to various reasons.

Why Should I go to Oriental Insurance for coverage? Oriental Insurance Reviews

Oriental Insurance is the most dependable longstanding Company providing Non-Life Insurance since its inception in 1947. 

Service standards at Oriental Insurance are high.

The company is open to suggestions on how to improve its services.

Features and Benefits

The company has used Information technology to the fullest.  All details can be downloaded from the Oriental Insurance website

It has maintained its credibility due to its quick response in claim settlement and grievance redressal.

A decision on your personal Insurance proposal is taken within three days. While in 7 days commercial proposal decisions are made.

The policy is issued to you within seven days of receiving a premium. Policy changes become effective within ten days.

Renewal notices are issued by Oriental Insurance 15 days before policy termination.

Grievances are acknowledged by the Grievance Management system, set up by Oriental Insurance Company, within three days.  The same is resolved within 15 days of receipt.   In the case of an unresolved grievance, the same can be forwarded to Head Office of Customer Care Department of Oriental Insurance.


Eligibility for a particular policy is based on the product/Service/Individual to be insured.

For Health policies, the age of the Insured, his residence, the number of family members to be insured is taken into consideration.

For Marine, Aviation, Shopkeeper Insurance and Motor Insurance, the amount of risk and the value of the good are assessed.


All Health Policies of Oriental Insurance covers Hospital or Domiciliary Hospital charges for medical treatment/disease or injury of and person insured within sum assured.

In the case of Aviation, insurance coverage includes losses from war strikes, terrorist attack, hijacking, and riots.


Policy clauses determine non-claimable risks or losses.

Health Insurance policies do not cover pre-existing diseases – either declared, treated or non-declared.

Aviation or Marine Insurance does not cover losses during World wars and nuclear detonations.

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Documents Required

The documents required for Oriental Individual Mediclaim policy are Your proof of age, Identity, Proof of Income and Residential address proof.

For Motor Insurance policies, Driving license copy RC book and registration details of the vehicle have to be given.

Claim Process: Claim status can be had within three days. Decisions regarding retail or personal Insurance Claims are made within 15 days. 

 Investigator/Surveyors are called within 48 hours of Claim submission.  A Free helpline 1800 118485 has been provided by the company in this regard. 

A claim is honored within three days of receive discharge voucher. 

A customer receives information that his claim not admissible 30 days after receiving necessary documents.

Claims on Commercial insurances are decided upon within 30 days.

In Conclusion

In the year 2011, CNBC TV18 Best Bank and Financial Institution Awards by MCX regarded The Oriental Insurance Company as Best public General Insurance company.

Credit rating agencies of India like ICRA and CRISIL have given top ratings for Oriental Insurance.  B++(Very Good) is the rating given by an International rating agency AM Best.

 With such reputation, non-Life Insurance coverage means what else but Oriental Insurance!

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