How to create a Premium Scuttle


All Scutify users (not just All-Stars) are able to post up Premium Scuttles and charge a fee for it. These Premium Scuttle could be propiertary research, algo numbers, e-books and much much more. Below are the steps involved in creating a Premium Scuttle.

Step One - Log in and go to your Dashboard and click on Premium Scuttles

Create a Scuttle snippet, this snippet will appear as a public Scuttle. Make sure it is inviting and gives an insight about what the Premium Scuttle would contain. Create the Premium Scuttle and insert an image or PDF if any. More content type will be available at a later stage. Select the price you would like the charge for the Scuttle and then submit it.
Add a Premium Scuttle

Step Two: Viewing the Scuttle
Go to the Latest Scuttles page, you should now see the Premium Scuttle that you have created with the Premium piece locked out to viewers as shown below.

Viewing the Scuttle

Step Three: Unlocking the Premium Scuttle
A user who chooses to pay for the Premium Scuttle clearly sees how much the Scuttle cost. If they decide to purchase it they will be redirect to PayPal to either pay with a Credit Card or their PayPal account.

Unlocking the Scuttle

Step Four: The Premium Scuttle
After paying for the Premium Scuttle it will now be unlocked for that user as shown below.

Premium Scuttle

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