Kheang Ly - Technologist and market participant

Kheang Ly
Founder/CEO of Scutify, Technologist & keen market participant.

Bio: Kheang is a technology professional who has a passion for financial markets. The founder of Scutify, Kheang envisaged a way to analyse markets through social media and community participation. Scutify was built to help investors and traders analyse stocks, FX, indexes and commodities in a different light via their desktop or in the palm of their hands. Trading wise Kheang trades CFDs on US based stocks, Stock Indices and Forex. While not in front of his laptop or phone working on something or trading Kheang can be found on his property enjoying nature from his bush top views while mucking around with his two young boys. Fav quote: There is no asphalt boulevard to success in Wall Street or anywhere else. Why additionally block traffic?

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