Scuttlebutt + Finance = Scutify

What does Scutify offer?

1. An educational tool to learn more about the markets (great for newbies). And the ability to interact with our All-Stars is a defining feature.

2. For more experienced investors/traders it gives them more perspective in terms of what people are saying about certain stocks which they can then use as information they can act upon.

3. For those wanting to build a reputation for themselves, they can use the platform to write articles that can be read by anyone who visits the website, make sentiment calls to showcase their stock picking talents as well as interact on the Scuttles and help build up a big following and get their names out there.

Walkthrough of the Website

Walkthrough of the iPhone App

Walkthrough of the iPad App

Walkthrough of the Android Tablet App

Find Trends

Use our social media trending engine to find Stocks, FX and Commodities that are trending.

Social Community

Participate in a social community with other users as well as our Scutify All-Stars to learn and prosper.

Scutify on the go

Take Scutify with you wherever you go with the Apps available for the iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones.