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Income Statement

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Report Date:Report Type:Fiscal Quarter:

Operating Revenue

Total Revenue:
Operating Revenue:
Adjustments To Revenue:
Cost of Sales:
Cost of Sales With Depreciation:
Gross Operating Profit:

Operating Expenses

Research & Development Expenses:
Selling General & Administrative Expenses:
Advertising Expenses:
Operating Income Before Depreciation:
Operating Income:
Depreciation Unreconciled:
Amortization of Intangibles:
Operating Income After Depreciation:

Non Operating Expenses

Interest Expense:
Pre Tax Income:
Income Taxes:
Minority Interest:
Income Before Income Taxes:
Net Income From Continuing Operations:
Net Income From Discontinued Operations:
Net Income From Total Operations:

Non Recurring Events

Extraordinary Income Losses:
Income From Cumulated Effect of Accounting Changes:
Other Gains & Losses:
Total Net Income:
Normalized Income:
Net Income Available For Common:
Preferred Dividends:
Excise Taxes: